How to use it


Main commands


running my own commands.

vm mycommand

running commands created by someone else.

vm otherplayer command


undo the object and entities created by my previous command execution



Download the basic course material (In italian)

Download the course material here



Use the plugin to add commands to your own server

You can use the plugin to simply customize your server.
Keep the webpage hidden from the players and create your commands. Store the command using the playername you prefer. In  the example below we use ‘x’.
The players can then call the commands like this

vm x command

If you want to execute commands for all the players call the command from the console:

execute @a ~ ~ ~ /vm otherplayer thecommand

 In our course we use it to generate a sudden mob invasion.  🙂


Use the plugin to run a learn to program course

In the files turn on the flag


The effects are

– Players can fly in survival mode
– It is always day time
– Slime doesn’t spawn
– The vmtp command becomes active


the vmtp command allows the teleportation for the player. This is very useful for the students to be close in the game and to see each other creations.

vmtp [x] [y] [z]
vmtp playername