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Download the plugin

The visualmodder plugin for Minecraft is a simple spigot plugin. It has been tested with Spigot 1.14.4


Copy it into the plugin folder and once the server is started a new folder called visualmodder containing a file visualmoder.properties will be created next to the plugin file.

The program editor for your server (if it is on your local machine),is accessible at:


The default port is 10273


The visualmoder.properties file allows you to change the following settings

This value is meant to limit the number of entities that can be spawned by a player

This value is meant to limit the running time for a command (in milliseconds)

This value is meant to limit the size of the created structures

This value should be set to true only when running a “learn to program” session.

– Players can fly in survival mode
– It is always day time
– Slime doesn’t spawn

The IP address of the Minecraft server. (Default is localhost)

Sets the port used by the webserver for loading the programs. (Default is 10273)
The port can be set directly from the console or in the game with the command:
vmport #portnumber#

Visualmodder has its’ own logging and the possible values are:


Sharing commands

Players can run each other programs buy just adding the name of the other player at the beginning like this:

/vm thecommand -p otherplayer

Download Worlds

We created a couple of fun worlds and you can download them here

Galaxy world. This world is made up of half-planets. There is no bottom so you better start flying immediately


We also created a Minecraft world representing the Map of the sourroundings of Lugano (Switzerland).

The Minecraft map of Lugano has not been made with Visualmodder but it is a spin off project.